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PhiusCon is Passive Building

PhiusCon (formerly North American Passive House Conference) is the leading passive building conference for climate-specific zero energy design, construction, and building science expertise. This year’s conference is scheduled for October 12-15, 2021 in Tarrytown, New York.

The locale for PhiusCon 2021 is no accident. Thanks in large part to years of tireless effort by Phius and New York State Energy Research and Development (NYSERDA), New York has become the country’s unquestioned leader in climate action policy.

PhiusCon 2021 provides the ideal platform to share with the masses what has become crystal clear over the last several years: NYSERDA and New York represent the gold standard for the advancement of passive building in the United States. New York State and City have adopted Phius as a core solution to meet their climate action plans, and have even inspired other states, including Massachusetts, to follow suit.

But for all the strides that have been made, the work is far from done. We at Phius, NYSERDA, and New York State and City leaders plan to build on the progress made in the Empire State by showcasing it as a blueprint to be used nationwide. If it can be done in the largest city in the U.S., it can be done anywhere.

New York State and NYSERDA have embraced passive building like nowhere else, and we are thrilled they have invited us to New York State where we can properly feature the progress that has been made in New York to our national and international audience at PhiusCon. As New York City’s gateway to the rest of the state, Tarrytown is the perfect location for PhiusCon 2021, allowing us to show off passive projects in the city and throughout the great state of New York.

The one and only Joe Lstiburek will present the closing plenary.

The one and only Joe Lstiburek will present the closing plenary. The full roster of building science all-stars is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Sessions will cover:

  • States’ and cities’ climate action and zero energy code progress
  • Innovation in finance and technology
  • Optimized methods to bring down cost for design, construction and manufacturing
  • Zero energy building + renewable energy grid solutions such as microgrids, energy storage, virtual power plants
  • Successful passive retrofit solutions including manufactured component approaches such as panel systems
  • International climate-specific passive projects
  • QA/QC professional experiences in multiple building typologies
  • And much more!

Most sessions earn AIA and Phius CPHC® CEU credits.

  • AIA continuing education
    • Pending approval Pre-Conference Workshops & Core Conference Breakout Tracks should earn 1 AIA LU per presentation/lecture hour.
      • (Many are typically HSW eligible – exact credit type TBD per track.)
  • CPHC® CEUs
    • Pre-Conference Workshops, Core Conference Keynotes, and Presentation Breakout Tracks all earn 1 CPHC CEU per presentation/lecture hour.
  • Phius Certified Raters & Verifiers
    • Attending the 2-day Core Conference fulfills your renewal requirement.

New Name. Same Industry-Leading Conference.

As part of our ongoing reimagining of the Phius brand, PhiusCon (formerly North American Passive House Conference) has a new name this year. This change was not made solely to give the conference a snappier title, but rather to make clear the fact that Phius is synonymous with passive building.

Phius has expanded its vision significantly since the organization’s inception, and the scope of the annual conference has widened as well. We will continue to put on the leading passive building conference on the continent for years to come, so whether you like the name change or not, we hope you will join us at PhiusCon.

#PhiusCon2021 is presented by Phius in partnership with the Alliance.

Phius is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to making high-performance passive building the mainstream market standard.

Phius is transforming the building sector by developing Passive Building standards, practices, and certifications specific to North America’s many climate zones. 

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